What is the best online casino for real money?

Searching for the best online casino for real money? Look no further! Discover what sets the top casinos apart : from robust security measures and diverse game selections to unmatched customer support. Start your journey with us and learn how to spot the leaders in the online gambling industry. Licensing and regulation When seeking the best […]

The History of Positive Psychology

The Origin of Positive Psychology  In 2000, the formal discipline of positive psychology started to exist. The basic concept of Positive Psychology was present more than a thousand years ago. The concepts were present in many religious texts and philosophical discourse. Positive Psychology is influenced by many humanistic and psychodynamic approaches. Researchers have been predating […]

The Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality Development

Sigmund Freud is renowned worldwide as the founder of psychoanalysis. Which is a clinical method used for the treatment of psychopathology. He laid out the psychoanalytic theory of personality development for the first time in the late 19th century. This theory became a guide for psychoanalysis, but it underwent significant changes over the years. It […]

Behaviours That Constitute the Psychology of Gambling

Gambling seems to involve a lot of fun, excitement and the prospect of winning big. This explains why a large number of Americans gamble, with some even betting significant amounts. Every individual who gambles has a certain motivation for indulging in the activity. For some, it is an opportunity to socialize. There are others for […]

Stages of Moral Development by Lawrence Kohlberg

The stages of moral development detailed by Lawrence Kohlberg were largely influenced by Jean Piaget’s psychological theory. Jean Piaget was known for his works on child development. Kohlberg started working on the topic in the mid-twentieth century while studying psychology at the University of Chicago. According to this theory, moral reasoning is an essential condition […]

12 Most Important Scientists in History

A lot of today’s technological advancements can be attributed to the theories and discoveries of the past. They were the result of intense research and experiments done by great scientists over the years. However, we tend to forget this fact while working on computers or when launching space missions. This article is a tribute to […]

Theory of Psychosocial Development by Erik Erikson

Born Erik Salomonsen on the 15th of June 1902, Erik Erikson was a German-American psychoanalyst and developmental psychologist. He coined the term ‘identity crisis and is known for his ‘Theory of Psychosocial Development. He developed this theory in collaboration with his wife, Joan Erikson, in the 20th century.  It describes the eight stages of psychosocial […]

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